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  • 20-21 Student Residency
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Student Residency
Purpose: To follow consistent residency protocols defined by Board Policy 5111.1
Outcome: To identify students/families currently not living with the SBSD attendance boundaries
What we currently know:

  1. We currently have students not living within the district attendance boundaries within both the online and onsite programs
    1. Students are living with relatives or their families in other cities/states/countries
    2. There are students who are not participating/engaging in both synchronous and asynchronous lessons due to technological issues
    3. Students don't have access to materials that were handed out

  1. We currently have students/families traveling for extended periods of time in both the online and onsite programs
  2. Students/families are on extended trips (1-2 months) to other cities/states/countries
  3. Students are not able to participate in synchronous lessons due to time zone differences
  4. Families are asking for classroom teachers to provide school work while they are gone.

3. We have a process for students to be placed on an Independent Study contract for 20-21 for up to 14 days for the following reasons:

  • There is a need to self-quarantine due to close direct contact with someone who's tested positive for COVID-19
  • There is a need to isolate due to being positive for COVID-19
  • Special circumstances


  1. Student Services will send out residency postcards to all families currently enrolled through Aeries to identify families no longer residing within SBSD.
  2. We should continue to follow current Board Policy and attendance protocols where students/families whom we know no longer reside within the district to be disenrolled after their ninth consecutive absence.
  3. We will provide school site attendance clerks with recommendations so they know how to code the students.
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